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06.10.04: On the music side of Omarion’s career, he’s getting ready to delight his fans with a new offering that shows his “grown-up” side.

 Omarion is about three-quarters finished with his solo album, according to MTV News. The album will reflect a more mature side than fans saw with B2K.

 "I'm almost 20 now, I've been in the entertainment business since I was 14, so I'm growing up a bit," he said. "It's going to be very interesting, talking about everything going on in my life."

 The ladies should be pleased with what is potentially his first single called "I'm Young, But I'm Ready." The Underdogs (Backstreet Boys, Ruben Studdard) produced the track.

 "It's a song dedicated to all the ladies," Omarion said. Omarion wants to log studio time with Snoop Dogg and the Neptunes if possible. Marques Houston has contributed production on the album as well.

 "He's really getting a chance to be himself," Houston said. "When you get by yourself, you talk about personal issues. People are really going to get to know him."

 Another album Omarion is working on is Houston's second solo effort, which is due in March through a new deal with Atlantic Records. In addition, he's executive producing the debut album from his younger brother, O'Ryan.

 "He's like my twin," Omarion said. "But he's more of a crooner, he really sings.”

 Omarion has also signed on to host a video dedication show for MTV called "Dedicated."