"Sorry 2004" Ruben Studdard

12.13.03: For those who might not recall, Ruben Studdard won season two of Fox TV's
"American Idol." It may not seem like it, considering the lion's share of
attention being sucked up by runner-up Clay Aiken. Studdard now has his own
chance to shine with the lead single from his forthcoming J Records debut,
"Soulful." Produced by the Underdogs, "Sorry 2004" showcases Studdard's lush
tenor over a touching midtempo backdrop. Lyrically, the song tackles
familiar territory—a man who has wronged his woman. Overall, the track shows
fans a different side of Studdard, who really gives himself to the song.
Mainstream and adult R&B stations should be jumping all over this one. It
will be interesting to see if Studdard's "Idol" affiliation will encourage
mainstream top 40 programmers. Either way, "Sorry 2004" is a great beginning
for the big guy from Alabama.—RH