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Billboard      Kiley Dean "Who will I run to"(3:59)


Producers: The Underdogs 

Writers: Mischke, H. Mason, D. Thomas, the Underdogs 

Publisher: Various

Beat Club/Interscope (CD promo)

While 20-year-old Timbaland signee Kiley Dean's first single "Make Me a Song" was generic by today's hip-pop standards, follow-up  "Who will I run to?" demonstrates vocal prowess that should make Christina Aguilera shake in her strap-on stilettos.  It's not often that the urban camp produces a delicious power ballad, but then again, it's unusual among today's crop of R&B bathing beauties to possess chops capable of tearing into such challenging material.  "Run is absolutely lovely and simply produced, with the kind of bridge that makes you want to wave your hands to the sky and sing right along. todays kids don't know what they're missing-but with radio's potent support, they will, making Arkansas native Dean a deserving star in the process-CT