Backstreet Boys Cut Reintroduction CD

04.15.04: Backstreet Boys Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson are back in the recording studio and super producer Harvey Mason, Jr. reports the new album will be "Their reintroduction to their fans" --not a farewell, as has been rumored

Says Mason, "Their concern is that "People haven't heard from us in awhile...we seperated, we came back together and now we really want to make a statement.""

The group, which hasn't released an album since "Black and Blue" in 2000, has gone through its share of sturm and drang, including the lawsuit filed in 2002 against its record label for allegedly shunting the group aside while promoting Carter's solo album, "Now or Never."  But now Mason says, "They're in great spirits.  They're all cooperating and having a great time.  Everyone is involved in all that's going on and they're really professional."

Mason--who is one half of the hit-making producing team known as The Underdogs with his partner Damon Thomas (they're behind numerous top 10 hits for the likes of Brandy, Jennifer Lopez and Luther Vandross, as well as American Idol Ruben Studdard's "Sorry 2004") - says The Backstreet Boys will be coming out "with something a little bit different" for the new CD.

"It'll be harder-edged with more of a R&B influence.  The way they sing is always going to be consistent, but they've grown up.  Nick started when he was 13 and now he's 25.  They've done a lot of things since then.  Soft, pop music is not prevalent any more and they know they have got to compete with what's going on the radio."  He adds the Boys have written a lot of their new material.  "They're going above and beyond to set a new standard...and that's exciting."  If all goes as planned, the new Backstreet Boys album will be out before year's end.